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Want to convert your designs into valid W3C compliant xHTML/CSS? Give us your designs in any common user-friendly format like PSD, PNG, AI and we will code them. You can also send your existing source files as mark-up.

Professional x(HTML) conversion enhances website performance, makes it search engine friendly, and ensures wider audience reach. So what are you waiting for? Send us your file and we will get started with the coding. If your source files exceed 15 MB, please upload it or send us the download link. In addition, if you have any custom fonts, please send them too.

For re-coding your existing site, you do not have to pay for importing the links, scripts etc.

Please note that we do not create fully functional sites unless you ask for it.

One page included. Each additional page comes with a discount of 50%.

(10 MB max)
Choose Your Package

  • W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • Table-less CSS mark-up
  • Browser Compatible (IE, Firefox, Opera & Safari)
  • W3C Valid Shorthand
  • Optimized CSS

  • W3C Valid XHTML 1.0
  • Strict Table-less CSS mark-up
  • SEO Semantic Code
  • Separate Presentation and Content
  • Website Download Speed Optimization
Want to specify layout requirements?
Check out the following Layout Options:
Layout Width

If you want your layout width to adapt to different browser widths, choose ‘Flexible’. This might take up more time for the completion of your project.

Horizontal Alignment

Specify how you want to align your website.

Header/Footer Dimension

If you want your header/footer to flex according to the browser width, select ‘Yes’.

Vertical Alignment

Select the vertical alignment for your layout.

Need more Advanced Markup Options?

Specify your options for Dynamic HTML (DHTML), CSS, Coding, and Font.

1. DHTML Options
Rollover Effect

Rollovers are interactive page elements which give your websites a professional look. Select ‘Yes’ if you want your links or menu to show Rollover effect.

Advanced CSS Menu

Drop-down menu offer many benefits including easy access and navigation, fewer links for display, flexibility to create more links when required, better organisation of the website, and giving a professional look. Depending on your requirement choose any of the below mentioned options.

2. Font Options
Resizable Fonts

If you want to give your users the option to change font size select ‘Yes’. The layout is not affected when font size is changed. It should be noted that this option has some limitations depending on your design.

sIFR (Scalable Inman Flash Replacement)

Sometimes, the font on your website may not display as intended if your user does not have the font installed. But sIFR solves this problem by allowing the designer to embed the font of their choice in a Flash element that displays the text. sIFR is useful for search engine optimization. If you want this option select ‘Yes’ and send us the font files.

3. Coding Options
Coding Type

If a perfectly compatible site with enhanced usability and access is what you are looking for, we suggest using W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional or W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict. Moreover, if your target audience comprises of mobile users, then it is highly recommended as mobile devices have XHTML 1.0 Strict as a standard. A perfect markup also aids disabled people. Choose any of the following:

Table-less markup

Table-less design uses CSS to arrange elements on a web page. This type of coding is more accessible, optimised and also uses less bandwidth. Most modern websites use table-less markup. Please note that we do use tables for tabular data.

Need Software Integration?open

You can choose any type of software from the list below and we will seamlessly integrate it in your website.


The estimated time for the deliverables may extend depending on the number of pages, Blog / CMS / Shopping Cart type. We create templates for the designs and then integrate the software. The cost of this integration includes only the pages ordered for the markup. The final price may be changed depending on the details furnished. You can specify these details in the “Comments” box.

Guys, I wanted to send this testimonial in accord to the SUPER-AMAZING work your team has done for us. The entire experience from inception to delivery, minute detail and customer service was brilliant.. you did exactly what you said you would. Thank you for all your patience and walking the extra mile to upload my files and configure it while I was unable... (more)

Design to Markup (PSD to HTML)

We code our designs into valid CSS and (X)HTML as it has many advantages. The benefits include faster site download, browser compatibility, enhanced SEO, easy of use and modification, and better usability by disabled people and mobile users.

Easy Update

Whenever there is a need to update the site, change the layout or the overall look and feel, it can be easily done through CSS. CSS provides a richer user experience and increased click-through rate.

Faster Download

Faster download of a site is crucial to any business as slow loading pages may redirect potential customers. We make sure that you do not lose your customers by developing fast loading pages.

W3C Compliant

We always check our CSS/ (X)HTML code in validators before launching the site. This is to ensure that your site is web standards compliant. W3C compliance ensures better accessibility, enhanced usability, and better rendering in all browsers and devices.

Browser Compatibility

Many sites do not render well across all browsers due to improper code. Hence, we test our designs in all the major browsers for compatibility before going live.

Our process follows a simple approach which keeps you involved at every stage. What's more, you set the time and we adapt to those timings!

Before commencing the project, we brainstorm with you to estimate what you require of us to do. Combined with your ideas and our creative inputs we come out with the best possible design.

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Coding Features

Cross-browser Compatibility

HTML5 or XHTML 1.0 Transitional (xHTML 1.0 Strict is optional)

CSS 2.1 or CSS 3 coding

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Section 508 Compliance

Disability Discrimination Act Compliance (Optional)

Table-less / Table based Design

Semantics / Search Engine Optimization

Web Design Templates

Web design template is a pre-designed web page format that include standard text and graphics used to design websites really quick.

Website design template will save you time as it can be customized quickly to help get you up and running. You can preview the look of your future website even before you pay for it! Download thousands of high-quality premium CSS web design layouts for $35 only.

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