Guys, I wanted to send this testimonial in accord to the SUPER-AMAZING work your team has done for us. The entire experience from inception to delivery, minute detail and customer service was brilliant.. you did exactly what you said you would. Thank you for all your patience and walking the extra mile to upload my files and configure it while I was unable... (more)

Company Profile

ElegantWeb based in Hyderabad, India is an internet development and marketing firm providing a complete range of services for online businesses. Our team of designers and developers carry with them years of experience after having worked on varied projects. They have the expertise to help you realize your online goals using the latest technologies and techniques. Our clients satisfaction is our prime focus for which we devise various strategies to meet their expectations.

We treat each project differently as each client has a different requirement which needs a specific approach to accomplish it. Thus, we study the project diligently and come up with the best possible solution which is customised for that client. Our clients vouch for our services and bear testimony of our dedication towards delivering the goods. We constantly upgrade our skills to give you just the best.

To work in collaboration with our customers and come up with the best solution for their business, improve their visibility with the search engines and provide smart options in conducting online businesses. Our customers have a niche market which they have to cater to. ElegantWeb provides the apt solution keeping in line with their customer's budget and deadline. Their companies of our customers can be categorized into the following 3 segments:

Small to mid-range companies who need to expand their business online. Large companies who are working towards maintaining their high standards and better serve their customers. And Start-Up companies who need to establish their brand. Marketing firms and advertising agencies make use of our services to save a customer from a badly dealt project.

Services & Technology

ElegantWeb provides a portfolio of services for our customers which helps them in the expansion of their business, increase productivity and build brand identity. The Technologies used and the Services provided by us are as under.

Programming Expertise
  • PHP + Server Side Scripting
  • Ruby + Ruby on Rails
  • Open Source Customization
  • JavaScript + XML (AJAX)
  • Multiple Database Systems
  • Linux Web Hosts
Design and Marketing Expertise
  • Web/Graphics Design
  • Website Usability
  • Website Accessibility
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM & Internet Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
Web Design Templates

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